Banana wine

An easy wine recipe with small banana, which uses only 3 ingredients. If you have some leftover banana on your hand, try this recipe.

Banana cut into pieces ( palayamkodan pazham ) – 15-20
Sugar – 600-750 gm                                      
Yeast – 1 tsp                                           
Water – 2 litres 


In a ceramic jar/bharani, add banana, sugar, yeast and water. Mix well. Close the jar with a lid. Secure the mouth of the jar with a lid. Next day, open the jar and stir well. For 10 days, mix the contents in the jar. On 11th day, open the jar and pass the contents through a sieve. Now pour the liquid on to a bottle. Liquid will look cloudy. Keep the bottle undisturbed for 2-3 weeks. Here I have opened the bottle after 3 weeks. Now banana wine is ready and looks clear.
You can serve banana wine. 

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  1. flavorful & interesting one,haven't tried this..yummy:)
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  2. Hi Beena,

    Nice post..Its short n to the point..One doubt though..By one bottle do you mean 1 ltr or 750 ml..Please clarify this..



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