Beef ball curry


1) Beef minced   -1/2 kg

 Onion finely chopped – 1 no

 Mint leaves chopped  – 3 tbsp

Salt to taste

2) Maida      – little

3) Coriander powder- 2 dstsp

    Chilli powder         – 1-2tsp

   Cardamom              –  4 nos

    Cloves                     – 4 nos

    Cinnamon                 –  2 inch piece

   Fennel seeds              – 1 tsp

4)  Ginger chopped         -1 piece

    Garlic  chopped           – 2 tbsp

   Green chillies                –  4 nos

Thin coconut milk            – 2 cups

Thick coconut milk           – 1/2 cup

5) Oil as needed

7)  Onion cut into lengthwise – 1 no

8) vinegar    – 1 tbsp

Mix no 1 ingredients well your hands and make lime size balls. Sprinkle maida in a plate and keep the meat balls in it. Grind no 3 ingredients and no 4 ingredients and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan, saute onion. When the raw smell of onion leaves, add ground no 4 ingredients. Saute them for 1 minute. Now add ground no 3 ingredients. Saute them well. When the masala starts to leave oil, add thin coconut milk, vinegar, and salt. Boil them. Add meatballs and cook them with the lid on (care should be taken not to break the meatballs). When the meatballs are cooked, add thick coconut milk. Switch off the stove and serve hot decorating it with some coriander leaves.

Beef ball curry can be served with rice, appam, and chapathis.

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