Club sandwich

Bread pieces      – 6 nos
Chicken breast    – 1 no
Egg                     –  1 no
Cucumber pieces, cut into rounds –  1/4 cup
Carrot grated       –  1/4 cup
Pepper powder    –  2 tsp
Mayonnaise          –  2 tbsp
Cabbage  chopped – 2 tsp
Butter                     – as needed
Cheese slices          – as needed

Cook chicken breast along with pepper powder. Mince it. Keep them aside.
Beat an egg, pepper powder and salt. Make an omelette
Cut cucumber rounds.
Grate carrots and cabbage.
Mix mayonnaise, carrots, cabbage, chicken mince, and salt.
Heat butter in a pan and toast bread lightly. Now on top of it, place omelette. Place one slice of bread over it. Place cheese slices and cucumber rounds. Now place one more slice of bread on top. Spread the mayonnaise, carrot, cabbage, chicken mince and salt over this. Cover it with one more bread slice. Insert a toothpick with cherry to decorate it.

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  1. yummy n filling sandwich….

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