Dosa pradhaman/ Dosa payasam


Wheat flour – 250 gm

Jaggery – 500 gm

Ghee – 75 gm

Grated coconut – 2 coconuts

Cardamom – 10

Cashews – 50 gm

Coconut pieces – 1/4 cup


Mix wheat flour and water to make a batter. Batter should have a dose batter consistency.

Make dosa using batter.

Cut dosa into 1.5-inch pieces.

Melt jaggery and water to make a syrup.

Sieve it to remove any dirt.

Put the dosa pieces into it.

Reduce the syrup so that jaggery sticks on to dosa pieces.

Extract thick coconut milk and thin coconut milk.

Add thin coconut milk and cook on low heat.

Add cardamom powder.

Add thick coconut milk. Switch off the stove. Don’t boil it.

Add fried cashews and coconut as garnish.

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  1. Very innovative pradhaman..yummy!

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  2. really??????? never heard of this before… the post title caught my attention…. thats really an imaginative and interesting recipe… keep up the good work…. check out my blog when u have time… 🙂


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