Homemade Grape Wine for Christmas


1. Black grapes  –  2 kg

Sugar              –  3 kg

Wheat              –  1/2 kg

2)Water  as needed

3) Yeast              – 2 tsp

4) Egg whites, beaten – 2 nos

5) Sugar for caramelization -1/2 kg

6) Rum             – 1 cup


Use earthern jar, pots, or airtight bucket for wine making.

Mix 2 kg sugar, grapes, and wheat along with water in a jar. ( Water should be above the level of  grapes ).

Add yeast and beaten egg whites to this. Close the jar and keep it for 22 days.

On first 3 days stir it twice a day with a wooden spoon. After 3 days, on alternate days, continue to stir.

On the 22nd day, strain it. Now add caramelized sugar and 1 kg sugar and keep it closed.

Add one cup of rum to this and store in dark bottles. Rum  is added to avoid  sourness.

The use of rum is optional.

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  1. such a perfect post for Chirstmas event 🙂 thanks a ton for linking and needless to say i love the gorgeous color to this wine, simply superb


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