Kanji / Kerala style matta ari kanji / Kerala’s comfort food

kanji is one of the popular dish in  Kerala. It is a simple comfort of steamy rice soup served with pickle, manga chammanthikadala ularthumuthira stir fryunakkachemmeen chammanthi, Kanji is very easy to digest, and hence good for people who are weak with  illness.  


Matta rice / Kuthari  – 1 cup

Water – 5 – 6 cups

Salt as needed


Wash and clean matta rice.  Add 5  to 6 cups of water to the rice and pressure cook for 3-4 whistles or till cooked. Once cooked, transfer on to serving bowls and add salt. This can be served with coconut milk or ghee. 

The curry options to go with Kanji are manga chammanthi, kadala ularthu, muthira stir fry, unakkachemmeen chammanthi, and chembu asthram.

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