Idiyappam/String hoppers/Noolputtu

Idiyapam is a traditional south Indian food mainly served for breakfast or dinner. It can be served with sweetened coconutmilk, vegetable stew chicken curry egg roast or any veg or non veg curries.


Rice powder / Fine rice flour- 2 cups

Water      – 2-3 cups or as required
Grated coconut – as needed


Bring water to boil. 

Mix rice powder and salt. Add boiling water to this mixture. Use a spoon to mix this as it will be very hot. When the mixture is warm enough to handle, knead well using hands to form a soft dough. Press the above mixture through idiyappam maker, which is shown above. Place this in greased idli moulds. Idiyappams can be topped with grated coconut. Using a steamer, steam the idiyappams for 10 minutes. 

Usually, idiyappams are served with coconut milk and sugar or vegetable/meat stews. 

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  1. I always take the easy way out and buy the hoppers. Certainly, yes, home made like these loveable ones are always a delight.


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