Macaroni egg salad

Macaroni, cooked – 4 cups
Mayonnaise  – 4 tbsp
Peppercorn, crushed  – 1- 2 tsp
Celery, chopped  – 4 tbsp
Red bell pepper, julienned – 1 small
Eggs – 4 Nos.
Lettuce to decorate the salad bowl

Cook macaroni with water and salt. Once cooked, drain water, and set aside. 

Hard boil the eggs. Once cooked, cut into 4 pieces. Set aside. 

Mix mayonnaise, crushed peppercorns, and salt. Set aside. 

Toss macaroni and chopped celery. Add mayo-peppercorn mixture set aside. Mix well. 

Decorate a salad bowl with lettuce leaves, transfer the prepared salad on to of the leaves. Decorate with julienned red bell pepper and eggs on top.

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  1. Hi Beena, love how you prepared your macaroni egg salad. So delectable and hearty too. Nice shots too. You have a great week and regards 🙂


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