Nutbar mango ice cream

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Nut bar

     1) Condensed milk – 1 /2 tin 
         Milk  – 2 cup
          Sugar – 4 dst sp

      2) Custard powder-2 dst sp
           Milk – 1 /2 cup

         3) Vanila essence -1 /2 tsp
          4)  Cream  – 1 /4 cup
          5) Mango pulp – 1 /2 cup
               Lemon juice – 1 tsp
            6) Cashew nuts pieces – 1 /2 cup
            7) Butter – 1 /4 tsp
            8) Sugar  – 1 /2 cup
             9) Baking soda – a pinch


Boil condensed milk, milk, and sugar then add 2ndingredients (Mix custard powder and milk and then add to the boiled mixture with a strainer). When it thickens, off the stove and allow it to cool. Add essence now. Keep aside. Beat 

cream a fork (don’t overbeat). Now pour the ice cream mixture to a rectangular box. Drip the cream over the ice cream mixture in a zig zag pattern. Drip lemon-mango juice mixture here and there over the ice cream mixture ( not in one spot ). Cover with butter paper and allow it to freeze. Decorate the ice cream  with nut bars.

How to make nut bars

Pour oil in a pan. Dry roast some cashewnuts. Keep them aside. Now add butter and sugar and stir continuously. When sugar starts to melt, add baking soda. When the fizz comes, add cashewnuts which we have kept aside earlier and stir. Now with a rolling pin flatten the mixture, say about 1/4 inch when it is set and not cooled well. Cut into pieces.  

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