Palappam is a popular kerala breakfast. Learn how to make palappam by following this recipe.


White rice  – 2 cups

Grated coconut – 1 cup

Boiled rice   – 3/4 cup

Coconut water+ Water- 2 1/4 cup

Salt    – 1/2 tsp

Sugar  – 2 tsp

Dry yeast  – 1/2 tsp

 In a small bowl add salt,sugar and dry yeast to warm water keep this for 10 minutes to rise.

Soak rice for 4 hours. Grind rice with grated coconut,boiled white rice, coconut water and water.Add yeast
solution . Allow it to rise .Keep this overnight or at least 8 hours. Pour some batter to make flower shaped appams. When the side turns crispy appams are ready. Serve appam with egg roast, egg stew, veg stew,
mutton stew, chicken curry etc.

9 thoughts on “Palappam”

  1. This is so similar to vibibi that the coastal people make here. They make it like a pancake. To get the flower shape do you use a small kadai to make the palappam?

  2. Love the flower shape with appams.Last week I was so tempted by the chicken and potato curry you had posted Had not made it since long thank you for reminding :)) We really enjoyed it with appam.


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