Ridge gourd prawns stir fry / Peechinga Chemmeen Ularthiyathu

Kochi Style Peechinga Chemmeen Ularthiyathu

peechinga chemmeen ularthiyathu
ridge gourd stir fry with prawns

Snake gourd /
Peechinga – ½ kg
Prawns, small – ¼
Green chili – 2
Shallots – ½ cup
Chilli powder – 2
Turmeric powder –
¼ tsp
Coconut Oil – 4
Curry leaves – few

Peel the snake
gourd and cut into small pieces.

Heat oil in a pan. Add shallots and green chilies. When the
shallots turn golden brown, add chili powder and turmeric powder. Add snake
gourd pieces, prawns and salt. Allow to cook on a low flame. Keep the lid
covered and check in between to see if it is almost cooked. Once it is almost
cooked, remove the lid. Allow to cook on medium flame for another 3 minutes or
until it is cooked. Serve hot with rice or chapathi.

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