Quinoa pilaf / Quinoa pulav

Quinoa seeds are considered as superfoods. There are many reasons for its huge popularity one being it is gluten free. The seeds provides the essential fiber and protein for vegetarians. The bland taste of quinoa absorbs all the indian masalas in this pilaf so perfectly as you have never thought. The easiness with which it is cooked to cute pearls with tails attached makes it one of the visually appealing seeds on the plate. Give it a try …


Quinoa  – 2 cups
Water – 4 cups
Salt as needed
Oil – 2 tsp

For vegetable masala

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Cinnamon – 1 inch piece
Cardamon- 3 nos
Cloves – 3 nos
Ginger, chopped- 1 tbsp
Garlic, chopped – 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Chilli powder- 1 tsp
Garam masala powder – 1 tsp

Onion, chopped – 1 1/4 cup
Carrot, chopped – 1 cup
Beans, chopped – 1 cup
Green peas – 1 cup
Tomato, chopped – 1 cup


Wash quinoa and drain any water. In a nonstick pan, place 4 cups of water, oil, salt, and turmeric powder. Allow it to boil. When the water reaches a boil, add quinoa. Close with a lid and cook on medium heat. Stir occasionally. When water is all dried out, switch off the stove. Keep the cooked quinoa aside. When quinoa is cooked, you can see a tail attached to quinoa.

Heat oil or ghee in a nonstick pan. Allow cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom to splutter. Add cumin seeds. Add ginger, and garlic. Saute well. Now add onion. When onion turns light brown in color, add vegetables. Mix well. Now add chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, and salt. Close the lid and cook in low flame for 2 minutes. Now add cooked quinoa and mix well. Quinoa pilaf is ready to be served.

17 thoughts on “Quinoa pilaf / Quinoa pulav”

  1. Quinoa – totally agree its superfood but we, love our super rice. I'm sure this recipe is applicable for rice as well for the good flavours.

  2. I have heard that it is very healthy and nutritious, could not find it in Pune. ..it looks so delicious. If I get it ,will surely make it

  3. I have not had the courage to pick up quinoa yet, since I am not sure how it would accepted especially since I had a cold response to couscous… whatever said, that pulao looks so delicious and tempting…


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