Toor  dal            –    1 /4    cup
Water                –     2 cups
Turmaric  powder  –  1 /4   tsp
Tomato                  –   2   no cubed
Water                    –   4  cup  + 1 cup
Tamarind               –    a   small lime  size
Water                    –  1 /2   cup
Rasam   powder     –   2 tsp
Pepper  powder     –   1 /4 tsp
Salt   to  taste
coriander leaves     –    2 tbsp  chopped
Oil                         –     1    tbsp
Mustard  seeds      –   1tsp
Cumin seeds          –    1  tsp
Garlic                    –     2   tbsp   crushed
Dry red chillis         –     2  no
Curry   leaves         –     2   spring

Pressure cook toor dal with turmaric powder and 2 cups of water. Cook tomatoes in 4 cups of water   on a medium flame till they are very soft.  Mash the tomatoes with a ladle and add tamarind water.
Mash  the cooked dal and add this to the tomatoes. Dry roast rasam powder and pepper powder till aroma comes out . add this to the tomatoes mix well and simmer  for 5 minutes.Switch off the flame and add coriander leaves.

Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard  seeds and cumin seeds. Add garlic and then curry leaves and   dry red chillies.  Pour this over the rasam and mix well. Serve hot rasam with rice,curries and pappd     .

Recipie   courtesy   salt and   spice   .

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