Spinach dal curry


Toor   dal          –    1 /2    cup
Spinach             –     1 /2   bunch

Onion                – 1 small  chppped
Tomato              –  1 medium
Turmaric powder – 1 /4 tsp
Water                  –  2 cup
Oil                       –  1 tbsp
Salt                      –  to  taste
Curry  leaves        –  few
Mustard  seeds    –   1 /2  tsp
Cumin seeds        –   1 /2 tsp
Asafoetida           –   a pinch
Dry  red chilli       –   1
Garlic                   –   2 pod crushed
Red chilli poiwder –   to taste
Tamarind  paste    –   to taste


Wash and soak toor dal for half hour.

Drain the water from the dal and pressure cook it with 2 cups of water, turmeric powder and tomato.

Give it 2 whistles and take it off the flame.

In a pan heat oil, add asafoetida ,red chilli, curry leaves ,garlic and onion. mix well and cook till the onion turns golden brown   . 

Add in the spinach till it  wilts add the cooked dal and mix well. Add salt red chill  powder and tamarind paste.

Mix  and allow it to boil for a few minutes. Serve hot.




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