Tomato soup


Tomato  sliced        –    1 /4    kg
Carrot                    –    1 no
Onion                     –     1 no
 Butter                    –      1  dst  sp
Maida / cornflour – 1 dst sp                    
Milk                        – 3 tblsp
water                       – 3 cups
Tomato  sauce          –  1 /2 cup
Sugar                       –     1 pinch
salt    as needed


In a pan  stir butter  and cornflour   on low flame. Add milk to this and make it a thick paste.  Add tomato pieces, carrot and onion  and stir, add sugar, salt and tomato sauce stir for 3 minutes. Add water and let it boil.  When the veg are cooked take it off  from stove  Allow it to cool. once it cooled grind vegetables. Strain the grounded   vegetables and add to the stock. Heat for 5 minutes.Serve hot with bread  crutons  and pepper powder    .  

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