Vegetable oats dosa


Oats                 –     2 cups

Rice  flour         –     1 /4 cup

Wheat  flour      –     2 tbsp

Roasted  rava     –    2 tbsp

Finely   chopped   onion       –   1 /2 cup

Grated   carrot                       –     1 /2  cup

Finely   chopped  garlic          –      1 tsp

Pepper and jeera powder       –      2 tsp

Green   chillies                        –    1 –  2 finely chopped

Mustard                                    –     1   tsp

Urad  dal                                   –      1 tsp

Oil                                             –     2 tsp

Coriander   leaves                     –      as   required

salt to taste

1) Add  2 tsp  oil  into a pan and add  mustard seeds  to splutter  
2)  Add urad dal.  Allow  it to turn golden brown and add chopped onion and green chillies and fry for 
few    seconds.

3)   Now add  the grated  carrot  and  coriander  leaves. Let it cook in low  flame  for few minutes.

4) Within a  few   minutes, the onion  and the  carrot   will be  half cooked.

5)  Now   take   another   bowl, add  oats, rice  flour, wheat flour, roasted rava, required  salt,  pepper
and  mix   them  to make a batter  consistency  adding   required amount of water.

6)  Now    add  the fried    items   to    the batter   and mix well. Add water   if it  is   too thick   .

7)  Prepare   dosas   as  usual  (   do not    make    the   dosa   too thin  )   and   serve   with   chutney.    .

Tasty   and healthy   vegetable   oats    dosa   ready   to be   served   .   

30 thoughts on “Vegetable oats dosa”

  1. As always, this is new to me. Looks great – already oats is healthier and here you are adding carrots too, so very healthy & the carrot gives the well deserved look to the dosa!! Love it.

  2. Very nice & healthy dish! Thks for visiting Luxury Haven! I'm following u now at GFC!

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  3. My family loves oats dishes…I too make oats dosa, but yours is a different version… Very nice..Looks healthy and tasty…


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