Watermelon Granita/Watermelon Ice

Watermelon granita is an easiest frozen dessert you will make with only 3 ingredients. Granita is a semi frozen dessert made with sugar, water and various flavorings like fruits, coffee, etc. Originally from Sicily in Italy, it has a coarser more crystalline texture.


Watermelon, skin and seeds removed – 4 cups

caster sugar – 4 tbsp

Lime juice – 1/2 tsp

Water – 75 ml


Puree watermelon in a blender. Push the puree through a metal sieve. Heat caster sugar, lemon juice and water in a saucepan until dissolved. Add the watermelon juice and stir well. Pour this into a plastic freeze box, cover and freeze. Stir every 30 minutes with a fork during freezing to break up the crystals. This gives a better texture. Keep this in the freezer until ready to serve, then roughly breakup the ice crystals with a fork. Transfer this to serving bowls and serve.

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