Wheat battura


Wheat flour  – 1/2 kg

eggs      – 2 nos

Ghee       – 4 tbsp

Curd        – 2 tbsp

Salt as needed

Sugar       – 2 tsp

Soda bicarbonate      – 1 tsp

Milk        – 1/2 cup

Oil for fry


Mix wheat flour eggs, ghee, curd, salt , sugar,bicarbonate of soda and milk with your hands to make a dough that  resembles chapati dough. Now place this dough for two hours covered with a wet cloth. After two hours roll the dough to make batturas .The size of the battura should be little bigger than pooris. Fry batturas in hot oil. Press the batturas with a spoon while frying to get puffy battura. Serve with chana masala.

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